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Inflammation is priority.

Inflammation is priority.

When working on revising any skin condition, the very first priority of a skin therapist will be addressing INFLAMMATION.

Why? Inflammation is the root cause of most skin conditions, such as acne, eczema, rosacea, etc.

Think of inflammation in the skin like a burning house — when the fire department shows up, the first and ultimate priority is always getting the flames under control and dousing the fire. Of course you want to work on rebuilding the house, you want to buy new belongings, but you can’t rebuild anything if there’s still flames burning in the home.

Meaning you have to douse the flames of inflammation in the skin before you can rebuild it.

When you first start your skin revision journey, the products recommended by your esthetician will more than likely be ingredients that focus on calming and soothing the inflammatory response. Once the skin begins to heal and there’s less inflammation, the needs of the skin will change and other products may be added into a routine to address things like post inflammatory pigment or redness, scarring, and texture.

This is why working with a licensed professional is always worth it because you’ll have a “first responder” in your corner to help you figure out what steps are necessary to get you to your skin goals 🤎
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