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Let's Talk TEWL.

Let's Talk TEWL.

More often than not I see 20-30 year olds expressing concerns about “new wrinkles” on their forehead or around their eyes, and when I look at their skin what I see is SURFACE DEHYDRATION 🌵 The skin will appear scaly, flaky, sometimes itchy, and has a tissue paper “crepey” appearance to it, giving the illusion of wrinkles.

Dehydration is the one of the most common skin conditions I see as an esthetician, and it’s because it’s so dang easy for the skin to lose its water content.

This flow of water is called Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL). Naturally protected by a hydrolipidic film on its surface, the horny layer (outer layer of the epidermis) curbs this evaporation process. If this physiological barrier is impaired, TEWL speeds up, thus making the skin dry. Water in the dermis no longer circulates to the epidermis; the hydrolipidic film stops functioning properly.

All sorts of factors can cause dehydration, including:
•Environmental factors: Cold, winter, wind, pollution, UV rays
•External factors: Such as tobacco or alcohol
•Emotional factors: Stress or fatigue
•Certain medical treatments: Such as acne or cholesterol medications
•Cosmetic products: that are too aggressive, alkaline, stripping, or drying

The most optimal way to keep TEWL minimized and the skin water levels high by including hydrating and ceramide products in your routine.

Some personal fave products for reducing TEWL:
Glymed+ Peptide Serum
Glymed+ Skin Recovery Mist
Glymed+ Protective Skin Serum
Glymed+ Cell Balm (not a hydrator in its own, but a great occlusive balm to lock in hydration post moisturizer)
Hydrinity Restorative HA Serum
Jan Marini Skin Research Hyla3D Face Serum
SkinBetter Science Trio Rebalancing Moisture Treatment

Also I love integrating hydrating facial masks 1-2 nights a week as we transition into fall/winter to feel extra juicy!

Turn those humidifiers on while you sleep, add hydrating serums to your AM/PM routine, use your hydrating mist throughout the day, and use an occlusive product at night to lock it all in 💦
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